Is it still safe to charter a yacht during the Coronavirus outbreak?

First of all, it's important to note that not all travel can ever be 100% risk free.

But objectively, a yacht charter is a much safer vacation option when compared to hotel stays or cruise liners for a number of reasons.

1. Limited exposure to other people

End-to-end private transport means you don't have to interact with other members of the public. If you're concerned about air travel, consider a chartered flight. 

The flexibility of a yacht charter also means you can choose where you want to go- you can simply choose to avoid crowded areas on land and stick to peaceful spots like little beaches and hidden coves. 

2. Less staff means lower risk 

Yachts only have a handful of crew members on board, so it's much easier to keep track of potential exposure to the virus. Crew members also live on board, limiting their contact with members of the public. Crews and brokerage firms are being extra vigilant about crew at the moment, and are not prepared to take any risks when it comes to potential cases of Coronavirus. 

3. A clean and hygienic environment 

Yacht crews spend hours cleaning every day to ensure a clean and sterile on-board space for their guests. From the social areas to the accommodation, everywhere on board is cleaned to the highest and most hygienic standard. 

4. Self-sufficiency

Cruising down the coasts and hopping between islands, yachts are like little havens on the water. There's really no need to come on shore at all, with the exception of refuelling, waste disposal or inclement weather. But for the most part, you can spend your whole vacation on deck if you want to, enjoying five-star dining, playing with water toys and making the most out of all the yacht's facilities.