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Ambition is a purpose built 11.6 metre Game Fishing Boat built to target the Oceanic Game Fish; Marlin, Tuna and all the other great ocean wanderers.

The AMBITION is equipped with the latest Fishing Tackle and Electronics and skipper Ivan has fished extensively along the NSW coast between Bermagui and Port Stephens over the last fifty years chasing Marlin of all species, Tuna, Wahoo and in fact all the Game Fish found along our East Coast. Much of this time was spent competitively fishing with the Sydney Game Fishing Club winning and placing in many tournaments.

For the last fifteen years Ivan has been Chartering Ambition introducing both novice and experienced anglers to the exciting sport of Game fishing.


By the end of April and into May the warmer water is starting to recede and schools of Sauries become apparent around and over the shelf. These Sauries are a good indication that there might be YellowfinTuna about. Sometimes if the currents are right and you are lucky big schools of good-sized Yellowfin tuna may be found out in the wide grounds over the shelf.

Early Autumn is a time for trolling since the game fish and the bait are thinning out. Trolling is the best way to cover the ground necessary to find the bait and associated gamefish. In reality, Autumn is the time for big Blue Marlin and in fact, is the time for the biggest of each of the gamefish species.

From mid-May until September is winter time. The warm waters of Summer have retreated and the nights are cooling. Although we have caught Striped Marlin right through winter it is not a targeted species. Tuna are becoming more evident with Marlin a bycatch while chasing the tuna. Mako and Blue sharks increase in numbers as they follow the Gemfish spawning run up the coast. If we are lucky we’ll get a run of Bluefin tuna and if we are even luckier they will come close enough to shore to get a shot at them.

Rates & Policies

A full day is 7am to 5pm - half day 7am to 1pm vessel departs Watsons Bay

Game Fishing: full day $1,800.00 up to 6

Sport Fishing: full day $1,300.00 up to 6

Estuary Fishing: $400.00 / hour $1,300.00 up to 6

Whale Watching: $400.00 / hour up to 7

Harbour Cruising: $500.00 / hour up to 10


Terms and Conditions

We require a 50% deposit to secure a booking and the balance 7 days before the charter.

Catering Menus

Pls bring your own food and snacks.


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