This time of year the water warms up and we see an increasing number of Pelagic fish on the surface such as Mahi Mahi and Striped Marlin these can be caught just 4 miles from the coast at the FAD just off Sydney heads and a 20 minute run from Sydney Harbour - this has made targetting these species a little easier for the visiting angler who would like to catch Game Fish off Sydney. Water temperatures of 21C make the conditions favourable and we have had light winds and warm weather the last few weeks bringing further action to the surface off Sydney. We offer a range of vessels to fish off Sydney and these include the popular from $850 for a half day and run up to $5000 for a half day on a state of the art Game Fishing vessel with all of the accessories and comforts. In the mid range and also very popular and successfull is Ambition at $1800 for a day View our range of Sydney Fishing and charter vessels here at